We are a group of entrepreneurs that help entrepreneurs with all their Insurance issues. We notice that entrepreneurs have a hard time establishing a complex insurance solution for their business models. The current insurance market is not very innovative and risk averse. This makes it hard for entrepreneurs offer insurance solutions for their potential customers.

An example of a complex insurance solution can be found in the sharing economy. The sharing economy is a complicated market for insurance companies.Entrepreneurs that operate within the sharing economy have to spent a lot of their valuable time talking to different insurance parties in the hope of getting an insurance solution.

With our knowledge in the Insurance market and our eco-system based on transparency and co-creation we can unburden the entrepreneur regarding all related insurance issues that could make their business model more successful. Our eco-system consists of all the parties needed to create an innovative insurance solution. You tell us your insurance problem and we develop, manage and support an insurance solution within our eco-system. We can act as your external Insurance manager.

Our Mission

To unburden the hassle of the entrepreneur regarding all related insurance issues to make the business model more successful.

Be a disruptive innovator in the insurance industry

Why should you let us handle your insurance inquiries?

Entrepreneurs do not want the hassle of complex communication with insurance companies

Entrepreneurs need and want to have a clear focus on the overall success of the business model

Entrepreneurs want to offer trustworthy products and services for their customers.

The Eco-system


As Trusted Advisor and External Insurance Manager we:

Consult in insurance problems

Create the best insurance solution

Manage the insurance solution created

How do we work

– Get to know your business model
– Get to know your insurance need
– Validate the team
– Explore the possible risk solution needed and decide with the client if our services will add value to the business model of the client.
– If all is positive we design in co-creation the client the basic cooperation agreement regarding our services and earning models

– Your Financial forecast over a period of 36 months
– Define risks
– Quick actuarial impact scan on the size of the premium
– Formalize our service/cooperation agreement regarding our services for the support business model of the client and which earning model we can agree upon.
– Determine if the business revenue model is still valid after the premium impact

– Pitch for our key partners in our eco-system the Business case
– Challenge and stress test of the total business model
– Write a product book and procedures in alignment with our IT system.
– Going life!

Our team


Gerard Scheenstra


Anita Wolters


Kylian Persad

Our co-creation client partners



E-mail: info@theinsuranceincubator.com

Tel. +31 6 22 92 90 64